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A solution to Lawsuits
April 28, 2006, 4:34 pm
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One of my clever blogger buddies, Co'Joe, has found this hysterical essay on stupid lawsuits and the solution to them.  You need to read it.  Seriously.  Right now.  Not only is it slap-your-knee funny, it also really says something about the state of our society. 

And make sure you check out the rest of Co'Joe's blog, because in addition to being clever, he has two other attributes that I love: 1) an incredibly dirty mind; and 2) a really fantastic writing style.

Co'Joe, I salute you!


March 24, 2006, 7:40 pm
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*  RIP Addawaita: Oldest living animal, giant tortoise, dies at 250.

*   Queen Latifa wants to be a Mommy.

*   The new way to protest?  “99 Balloons” will play for an hour on VH1 starting Sunday at 2 p.m. Don’t forget to…tune out.

*   Being a righty isn’t so great…at least not if you’re a snail.

*   Don’t mess with the ‘hoff!

*   Listen to The Wreckers’ (Jessica Harp and Michelle Branch) new single on their Myspace page.

*   New species in Mexico = cancer treatments?

*   Pete Doherty: The Musical!