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What a tease!
May 5, 2006, 2:51 pm
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unicorn.jpgWhen I saw this picture, I got all excited because I thought someone had found a unicorn.  Or at least a horse with some weird genetic thing that would make it grow a horn on its head, thus technically making it a unicorn.  Cause doesn't it look real? 

But no.  No, that couldn't possibly be right.  This, y'all, is art.  Granted, it's art with a body temperature (approximately 43 degrees, to suggest life), but it's definitely not a real life, flowing mane, look-at-me-I'm-so-mythical-please-won't-you-love-me unicorn. 

The 4-year-old inside of me is crying right now.  You just have no idea.


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The absence of proof, is not proof of absence..unicorns live..

Comment by Tricia Ann Butterfield

unicorns are real. Why will people make movies of unicorn and dragons. Unicorns are real but we don’t know where they live.

Comment by Sony

A thing not seen is still alive unless mind and soul let it die..

Comment by ranya

Why to let it die, when we can give Life.
hai, friends..
I am on work, of producing a UNICORN – genetically modified, by inserting genes.
Its one of intresting project, from all my leading projects.
Theoritical work has been going to complete, but extraction of genes and manipulations need a good improvised Laboratory, can any one sponsor their Lab, for a 14 months. – world wide Request, specially, where Horses can be utilised as a Lab animal.
I m a Biotech Lecturer, I resigned my Job and started some Projects.
All Suggestions are invited on –

Comment by vinod kumar

And forgotten, how about to produce a flying Horse with big wings…?
Paper work goes but in Real, it may little impossible to survive and fit due to the heavier body of Horse, where wings cant afford that much of heavy fight to take into Air.
but by reducing the wait of Bones mass and the pony horses with thin body, can be Possible -82%, on calculations, by bioinformatics, gene similarities and acceptancy. but the problem arises to activator of those genes in a new generaion after modifications.
introducing the feathers to a animal is not that big Problem, let me check in detail.

Comment by vinod kumar

hahahaha you’re funny.

Comment by mignon

hai friends its not funny,
not only a Unicorn, but a Flying Horse can be produced.
By bio-informatics calculations, on genes simalarities ans acceptance of Wings to a Horse can be possible, by Theoritically.
but the activation of those genes related to wings, and growing may need multi generation production.
and if to Lift into Air, the total seems bit impossible, but reducing the mass of bones of Horse and modifying the body into very lean, and choosing Pony, may give some hope.
just it needs a good continous genetical trials.
suggesstions need on-

Comment by vinod kumar

So are u saying that this is a real unicorn or not? U totally confuesed me on this!

Comment by chrissy

GOSH FLIPPIN DANG IT!!! I mean holey blue fizz monkeys, man!!! 😦

Comment by Tommy

Unicorns are real. they are just genetically modified.

Comment by Taddo

If u believe in me, I believe in you … I believe.
This is a horse. A beautiful one too. Humans are so obsessed with unicorns, that they don’t see horses. Horse is a miracle too. U should apreciate it’s existence also. We’re all precious, but some don’t see it, cuz others are brainwashing them!

Comment by Lünna

unicorns are real and this proves it

Comment by jade.l

sadly its true, this horse has a very painful grouth on its head, it may be amazing to humans but to this magestic creature, its suffering

Comment by kaykay

I can hardly believe it wow is the horse going to have that for the rest of its life thats really painful I am sure it must be a genetic thing or a real unicorn really I would need to see it to believe it poor thing its going to look like a freak to the other horses

Comment by dixieblack

13 years of age and can tell that the poor animal has a black stck on its head

Comment by natjones

13 years of age and can tell the poor horse has a black stick on it’s head OMG!!!!

Comment by natjones

this cannot be real i know its fake

Comment by mollyanna

poor thing is stuck with sum stck on its head!!!!
but amasingly the horse has been formed incorrectly. and this means only that its its rare when it happens(the horses grow unicorns)

Comment by julie

My name is Katie I really like horses so I don’t think your crazy like some other people might think but yeah it really does look real i almost thaught it was. I have all ways wanted to see a reall life flowing mane look at me im so mythicle unicorn anyway i really like your enthusiasem.

Comment by Katie

Honestly, people, did you know read the lovely paragraph beside the picture? That’s no growth; a growth doesn’t grow long and pointed. I should know; my dog has a growth. This is art? That insinuates a structure of man-made creation. Or it could simply be a beautiful horse with a horn grafted–most probably painlessly, like a fake scar in a movie–onto her forehead. It’s been done countless times in the past, and will be done in the future. As for being thirteen, big whoop! Thirteen isn’t THAT young. It’s not that old, but not that young either. My eight year old cousin looked at it and sniffled. She said, “Unicorns are real, but they’re scared to come out cause we always make big deals about the fake ones.” In a more… Eight year-oldish way, but still… Pretty smart for an eight year old. Or you’re just… pretty stupid for a thirteen year old.

Comment by Kitty

i know unicorns are real! i llive in hagerstown MD. Me and my friend Sarah T. belive in Unicorns and Fairys! 4 real

Comment by ♥Svetlanna♥

is that real

Comment by dom

OMG!!! unicorns are sooooo reall!!! i love them and i have a pet one named lagategus (la-gate-eh-gus) he is my best friend!

Comment by juls

FUCK UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by Jdog

leave the horses to be horses, and the unicorns to live in the world of dreams.

Comment by Pirate

Unicorns exist, as do the faeries and other folk, it’s just the have no desire to show themselves to someone as impure as a human. We are lower than them, destroying everything that we were given, I’m surprised they swallow their pride and show themselves to some people even still.

Comment by Morgue

I knew the picture was fake at the sight of it. Unicorns are hybrids, not horses with horns stuck on their foreheads.
You have every right to be disappointed in this picture!

Comment by Em

I dont care if you think im crazy, but ive seen a whole herd of unicorns, and this is definatly not a unicorn. Its both horse AND unicorn.

Comment by unicorn/horse

Seriously, dudes, read the article!

Unicorns are the birth defect of authors and their books. That, my fellows, is how children fell in love with them. Sure, I’d love to step into a place and see a pearly white unicorn, but I know deep down there is no such things. Fairys, Unicorns, Elves. They’re all fake. They were created in books so children would read them.

Comment by Sunshine

I read that a unicorn is not a horse at all it is a goat with a genetic defect where one horn grows in the center of its head sorry

Comment by katie

you don’t have to see a unicorn to believe in one. i believe that there real and i’ve never seen one. unicorns are real and the horses that have the diomands on their heads are the unicorns they do come out and people even own them.

Comment by vicky

seriously. its a growth. if it wasnt, expain jackalopes. same idea, still real. its a growth, if it was a mythical creature, dont you think the horn woud be swirled like in movies and stuff?

Comment by Jenna

rvawkomiq focvweq nsjo znjiqv ikfqw xdgeryz kxwescjhn

Comment by jesoa buavyf

i love horses there beautiful creatures so why dose everyone want to improve them sure unicorns are cool(if they egzist)i love drawing them but honestly horses are perfect just how they are

Comment by Horselover

Horselover is right. Horses are perfect just the way they are. Who cares if they don’t have horns? They deserve to be loved and taken care of. Oh, and to anyone who knows of a horse saughterhouse near you… DOWN WITH HORSE SLAUGHTER!!!!

Comment by UnicornGirl


Comment by UnicornGirl

haha, aaw

Comment by nancy

wow i wish this was real i bet they are real! atleast i hope so….but hopefully it is!!!! 😀

Comment by unicornlover

unicorns are soooooo real!!!

Comment by maisy

i love unicorns and horses the same!and i know horses are real I THINK BOTH OF THEM EXIST!
and nobody has proof that they unicorns are are or are not real so all those pictures of unicorns might just be real!!
nobody has proof.

Comment by maisy

[…] came across a blog posting about a ’semi-real’ unicorn, to be honest it wasn’t very clear what it was but it’s funny how passionate people are […]

Pingback by I dream of…. « Hey Crazy

Thus, unicorns arent real, all can have dreams of a real one.

Comment by Destiny

NdeOhL vdvwcmrozvbm, [url=]feawkkhhjqkf[/url], [link=]esbiifwwlgao[/link],

Comment by lkbojdaq

wow u ppl r retards im 13 n i can tell that that so called unicorn is just a horse wit apainted black stick on his head it must be painfull n here u r bein retards n wat he means is dats not even a livin creature it a piece of artwork dat looks real duh

Comment by sweetheart


Comment by emily

As everyone has said so far… unicorns are real.
we just scared them w\away with our corruptedness, dont blame them.

Our horses today are actually unicorns with there horns cut off. They are offerings from the holy unicorns to just leave them the freak alone and not hunt them.(haha jk)

their to pure for our games…. our crap tho forreal

Comment by alyssa

Unicorns are real, but they are more related to a cow then a horse. Even deer like in some cases. Laos / Vietnam and Italy. Saola’s are today’s last unicorns, or deformed deer. Fairies are real too, we just call them homosexuals today.

Comment by Spaz

you r all losers there is no such thing as a unicorn

Comment by bob

There is too dumbo you’ve never seen one so you cant prove it, i play a game ppl have unicorn pictures, they all say that deer 1 horned it’s names unicorn. don’t replace the deers name nor unicorns also they are only living in AUSTRALIA
and they are shy

Comment by skac77

Three words………..Seeing is Believing

Comment by Kei Shozuawa

I love unicorns since I was little… & I have heard that they are real. But would love to go see them. I heard they are in Germany.

Comment by Shannon

hai, friends..
I am on work, of producing a UNICORN – genetically modified, by inserting genes.
Its one of intresting project, from all my leading projects.
Theoritical work has been going to complete, but extraction of genes and manipulations need a good improvised Laboratory, can any one sponsor their Lab, for a 14 months. – world wide Request, specially, where Horses can be utilised as a Lab animal.
I m a Biotech Lecturer, I resigned my Job and started some Projects.
All Suggestions are invited on –

Comment by vinod kumar

um, who ever wrote on Feb 8 (3:05 pm) i have good news 4 u! i’ve figured it out! wel, bulls have horn tissue before the horn grows, right? surgicly remove that tissue & place it in the haorses head! Then. . . TADA! as the horse grows with it! yay!

Comment by Katt


Comment by jasmine

i wish i had a unicorn with wings and i would like one plz

Comment by anooda

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