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She can sing, but can she act?
May 5, 2006, 2:44 pm
Filed under: Celebrity, Movies, Television

American Idol winner Fantasia will play herself in a Lifetime movie.  The made-for-TV movie will be based off of Fantasia's biography, Life is not a Fairytale.

A few years ago my friend Melissa (henceforth known as M. Middy) and I created a drinking game based around Lifetime movies.  The idea was that if you could correctly predict upcoming events or plot points, you had to take a shot.  Because Lifetime movies are highly predictable, M. Middy and I inevitably ended up five sheets to the wind.  Even though there's really no guesswork involved in the Fantasia story thanks to the media blitz that is American Idol, that is in no way going to stop me from playing the Lifetime Drinking Game ™.  And I'll be more than five sheets to the wind.

Additionally, Dwayne Wayne from A Different World is going to play one of Fantasia's parents!  Awesome!


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