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Lost is the best show on Television…
May 4, 2006, 1:51 pm
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…and last night's episode proved it!


I know a lot of people have been complaining about Lost this season – that it's too slow, there weren't enough "Oh my god" moments, etc.  But these finale episodes have really been stepping up the Oh-no-I-think-I-just-crapped-my-pants factor.

Take last night, for example:  Henry Gale tried to kill Ana-Lucia; there was a hot sex scene between Ana-Lucia and Sawyer (she is a tricky minx, no?  she only did it to get his gun!); and HELLO!!!  MICHAEL KILLED ANA-LUCIA AND LIBBY, THEN SHOT HIMSELF AND LET HENRY GALE ESCAPE!

So I suppose it's safe to say that Michael is on a mission to get Walt back, and the only way to do that is to lead the survivors to war – and get Henry Gale back.  Which means that Gale is a lot more important than we've been lead to believe.  The death toll is only going to go up from here.  I CAN'T WAIT!

According to Michelle Rodriguez (who was on Good Morning America today) her death was planned from the get-go, and she couldn't even tell the other cast members that her character was a goner.  Kristin from E! Online said that one death was planned from the beginning and the other wasn't, so it should be interesting to hear the story behind that.  (Although there is some buzz that maybe Libby isn't dead – Michael shot into the blankets she was holding, which possibly held a record for Hurley, and we didn't see any blood – but what was that drip, drip, drip?  Did anyone else catch that?  Maybe she'll live and tell on Michael.  But who really knows with this show?)

Interesting subplot: Ana-Lucia follows Jack's dad to Sydney to act as his "protection"; turns out that Jack's dad is a bit of a man-whore and has a daughter in Australia whom he wants to see, badly.  The mother looks very, very much like Claire.  So…could is be that Claire is Jack's long lost sister?  Oooooh!

Oh man, I love this show!

PS – Did anyone catch the Hanso Foundation commercial?  There was a phone number at the end, and I actually tripped over my friend's foot trying to get a pen to write it down! Read a transcript of what happens when you call here. Also, the Hanso Foundation website has been revamped and there are some pretty interesting things happening there – particularly in Joop's Corner.

Wee! I think what I love so much about this show is that it's more multimedia than just television.  One of my friends said last night that he doesn't check out any of the show's websites…just think of how much he's missing!


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