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Hey Y’all!
May 21, 2006, 1:32 pm
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I'm alive.  ALIIIIIIIVE!

First off, I must apologize.  I know that I have neglected this here blog lately, but here's the thing: I got a job!  A real-life, overtime-paying, god-I-love-it job.  The downside to this job is that I can't surf the net all day finding things to blog about, because I would probably get fired.  And although I love this blog, I do not love it enough to get fired for it.

Also, I am currently living in a place where I have to share a computer that is not my own.  Hopefully once I find my own place, I can get back to regular postings.  So thanks for understanding!


What a tease!
May 5, 2006, 2:51 pm
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unicorn.jpgWhen I saw this picture, I got all excited because I thought someone had found a unicorn.  Or at least a horse with some weird genetic thing that would make it grow a horn on its head, thus technically making it a unicorn.  Cause doesn't it look real? 

But no.  No, that couldn't possibly be right.  This, y'all, is art.  Granted, it's art with a body temperature (approximately 43 degrees, to suggest life), but it's definitely not a real life, flowing mane, look-at-me-I'm-so-mythical-please-won't-you-love-me unicorn. 

The 4-year-old inside of me is crying right now.  You just have no idea.

She can sing, but can she act?
May 5, 2006, 2:44 pm
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American Idol winner Fantasia will play herself in a Lifetime movie.  The made-for-TV movie will be based off of Fantasia's biography, Life is not a Fairytale.

A few years ago my friend Melissa (henceforth known as M. Middy) and I created a drinking game based around Lifetime movies.  The idea was that if you could correctly predict upcoming events or plot points, you had to take a shot.  Because Lifetime movies are highly predictable, M. Middy and I inevitably ended up five sheets to the wind.  Even though there's really no guesswork involved in the Fantasia story thanks to the media blitz that is American Idol, that is in no way going to stop me from playing the Lifetime Drinking Game ™.  And I'll be more than five sheets to the wind.

Additionally, Dwayne Wayne from A Different World is going to play one of Fantasia's parents!  Awesome!

The Mothman lives in the Atlantic Ocean!
May 4, 2006, 8:00 pm
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new species.jpgScientists have discovered ten to 20 new species in the Atlantic Ocean  (one of which looks like that thing from The Mothman Prophecies).  The zooplankton were taken from depths of over half a mile to three miles and will help determine the effect global warming is having on the planet's oceans.  This is important because global warming could have a disasterous affect on the ocean's currents, which in turn would screw us royally.

How do you spell “boring”?
May 4, 2006, 3:18 pm
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Thanks to a Broadway musical and a couple of movies, the National Spelling Bee is going to be broadcast on primetime TV.  The finals will be shown June 1 on ABC.  Previously, the Bee was aired on ESPN.  (I guess spelling is a type of sport.  Maybe?  Kinda sorta?)

The winner will receive more than $30,000 in cash, bonds and scholarships.  The 275 contestants hail from United States, American Samoa, the Bahamas, Canada, Europe, Guam, Jamaica, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Don't get me wrong – I love spelling.  I was even an alternate in second grade!  But I think this has the potential to be more boring than watching golf or fishing, which happen to be two of the most boring sports to watch ever.  But maybe I'll be wrong, and it will be a nailbiter, compounded by the pressure to see if you, the viewer, can spell better than the kids in the competition.

On a somewhat related note, I never actually made it to my elementary school's spelling bee.  My friend Kathleen did, however, and got eliminated in the first round when she was asked to spell "study." 

Sweet!  What an easy word!  She was thinking to herself.  So it sort of came as a surprise when she answered, "Study. S-T-U-D.  Study." 

It was hilarious.  We all laughed, and she ran and locked herself in the bathroom because seriously, how embarrassing is that?  We still tease her about it to this day.  But I guess you had to be there for it to be funny? Yes, no?  Oh well.  It still makes me giggle.

Lost is the best show on Television…
May 4, 2006, 1:51 pm
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…and last night's episode proved it!


I know a lot of people have been complaining about Lost this season – that it's too slow, there weren't enough "Oh my god" moments, etc.  But these finale episodes have really been stepping up the Oh-no-I-think-I-just-crapped-my-pants factor.

Take last night, for example:  Henry Gale tried to kill Ana-Lucia; there was a hot sex scene between Ana-Lucia and Sawyer (she is a tricky minx, no?  she only did it to get his gun!); and HELLO!!!  MICHAEL KILLED ANA-LUCIA AND LIBBY, THEN SHOT HIMSELF AND LET HENRY GALE ESCAPE!

So I suppose it's safe to say that Michael is on a mission to get Walt back, and the only way to do that is to lead the survivors to war – and get Henry Gale back.  Which means that Gale is a lot more important than we've been lead to believe.  The death toll is only going to go up from here.  I CAN'T WAIT!

According to Michelle Rodriguez (who was on Good Morning America today) her death was planned from the get-go, and she couldn't even tell the other cast members that her character was a goner.  Kristin from E! Online said that one death was planned from the beginning and the other wasn't, so it should be interesting to hear the story behind that.  (Although there is some buzz that maybe Libby isn't dead – Michael shot into the blankets she was holding, which possibly held a record for Hurley, and we didn't see any blood – but what was that drip, drip, drip?  Did anyone else catch that?  Maybe she'll live and tell on Michael.  But who really knows with this show?)

Interesting subplot: Ana-Lucia follows Jack's dad to Sydney to act as his "protection"; turns out that Jack's dad is a bit of a man-whore and has a daughter in Australia whom he wants to see, badly.  The mother looks very, very much like Claire.  So…could is be that Claire is Jack's long lost sister?  Oooooh!

Oh man, I love this show!

PS – Did anyone catch the Hanso Foundation commercial?  There was a phone number at the end, and I actually tripped over my friend's foot trying to get a pen to write it down! Read a transcript of what happens when you call here. Also, the Hanso Foundation website has been revamped and there are some pretty interesting things happening there – particularly in Joop's Corner.

Wee! I think what I love so much about this show is that it's more multimedia than just television.  One of my friends said last night that he doesn't check out any of the show's websites…just think of how much he's missing!

Fun with Yahoo! News
May 2, 2006, 1:38 pm
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Wow Keith Richards!  You sure have changed!