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Judge in Da Vinci Code case has too much time on his hands.
April 27, 2006, 3:36 pm
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Justice Peter Smith, who recently ruled that Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code did not plagerize other authors' works, has apparently embedded a code of his own in the first 14 pages of the ruling:

The first clue that a puzzle exists lies in the typeface of the ruling. Most of the document is printed in regular roman letters, the way one would expect. But some letters in the first 13½ pages appear in boldface italics, jarringly, in the midst of all the normal words. Thus, in the first paragraph of the decision, which refers to Mr. Leigh and Mr. Baigent, the "s" in the word "claimants" is italicized and boldfaced.

If you pluck all the italicized letters out of the text, you find that the first 10 spell "Smithy Code," an apparent play on "Da Vinci Code." But the next series of letters, some 30 or so, are a jumble, and this is the mystery that needs to be solved to break the code.

Doesn't England have criminals?  Isn't there someone they can arrest for robbery or jaywalking or something?  Seriously, they need to do something about this, because no officer of the court should have time to come up with a freaking code to insert into a judicial ruling. 

I bet he did this while he was on the clock!  I wonder how many taxpayers dollars were wasted?


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