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Nick Lachey opens up.
April 20, 2006, 2:18 pm
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In the new issue of Rolling Stone (on newsstands now), Nick Lachey finally tells the world about the end of his marriage to Jessica Simpson.

"It breaks my heart that I couldn't make Jessica happy," he mumbles, his chin pressed into his chest. "I wanted to be everything to my wife. I wanted her to look at me with love in her eyes, the way she did at the beginning, and have her feel like I was the most wonderful, awe-inspiring man on the planet. And when that stopped, it was the worst feeling in the world."

He wipes his face, eyes to nose to chin.

"I'd marry her all over again," he says softly. "Because I still love her. It would be a lot easier to walk away if I didn't."

And then the tears start again.

Jeez…Nick Lachey, I'll marry you, you sensitive hunk!  Anything to turn that frown upside down! (Like I could actually do that…haha.)

I know it's really none of my business, but the interview – which is incredibly well written, by the way (any writer who can incorporate the phrase "shit chute" into an interview and make it sound intelligent is a winner in my book) – convinces me more than ever that Simpson was the reason their marriage went down the tubes.  Refusing marriage counseling?  Come on!

I'm not sure how classy it is to tell America about the end of your marriage just as your album's about to drop…but whatevs.  Papa Joe pulled stunts like this all the time during their marriage!  Nick comes across as very genuinely; this is not going to help Simpson's career at all.  Can't wait to see what spin control Papa Joe comes up with!  I'm sure we'll be hearing Simpson's side of the story when her record is released later this year.


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He totally cheated on her! He can cry and pull that cute crap now, but he wasnt cryin when he was all up in the strip club! I hate men.

Comment by Jess Ross

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