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The Dread Rabbit Robert
April 10, 2006, 3:12 pm
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giant rabbit robert.JPGJust in time for Easter, a giant rabbit is reportedly terrorizing British gardeners. He has an appetite for leeks, Japanese onions and spring carrots.  Witnesses describe the beast as “massive” and “clever,” with one ear bigger than the other – and marksmen are on orders to shoot and kill the naughty bunny on sight. 

According to the British Rabbit Council, some breeds of rabbit can grow to be two feet in length or even bigger. 

Pictured is German rabbit breeder Karl Szmolinsky and Robert, also known as “Big Boy” (okay, I gave him that nickname), his giant breeder rabbit.  There’s no known relation between the ginormous bunny causing havoc in England and Robert – I just wanted to throw in a Princess Bride reference.

On a somewhat unrelated note…how long do you think before Paris Hilton gets herself one of these?

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Is that the truth? Can a rabbit get that big? Never heard of such a thing. Anyway, it was an interesting post and link. Thanks.

Check out my blog. Had my 1000th hit this morning…happy!



Comment by Shirley

Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Wererabbit…

Anyone see a parallel?

Comment by Jo

Sorry, wait, I just read that again…

The British Rabbit Council????

Comment by Jo

Yup, the British have a Rabbit Council. I can’t decide if that’s a cool thing or just weird.

The news media has definitely been drawing the comparison between actual events and the Wererabbit movie…if I had seen it, I may have done the same. And too bad for the Wererabbit people…if this had happened a little while ago, they would have had some GREAT publicity! =P

Comment by Erin

Giant rabbit or monster or rabbitsourus ? Thanks.

Comment by RRJ

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