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Where did you go, Joey Potter? I wanna know…
April 7, 2006, 2:31 pm
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Whatever happened to that spitfire Joey Potter?  You know, the vulnerable-yet-tough chick who would call Dawson on his BS and won Pacey over with her sarcasm.  Of course, I am completely capable of separating an actor from her character, and I obviously know that Katie Holmes was not Joey Potter, but Holmes had some life to her…unlike this new "Kate Holmes" who is lead around by Tom Cruise and says nothing but "I'm so in love" and "he's so amazing."  Check out this little item from The New York Post:

WHAT'S up with Katie Holmes? The once vivacious actress is like a "Stepford" wife ever since she hooked up with Tom Cruise and Scientology. During an interview with the expectant parents for Parade, reporter Dotson Rader writes, "Holmes . . . wore a large diamond engagement ring. She seemed dazed, passive and vacant. She never stopped smiling." Holmes continued smiling through the interview as Cruise described how his father beat him, and as Cruise was "hooting how beautiful she was, touching and kissing her like a teenage boy on his first backseat date, aware that he was being watched." Creepy.

Uh, I'll say.  I guess this lends creedence to Scientology's claim that Operating Thetan VIIs, like Mr. Cruise, can control matter, energy, space and time.  Although it's a claim I think is ridiculous, I can't come up with a better explanation as to why Holmes, who used to be one of my favorite people in Hollywood, is acting all wonky.  Unless Tom Cruise has kidnapped her and is holding her hostage, and what we're seeing is a Katie Holmes robot.  That sure would explain her pregnancy. Is she having triplets or something? Damn.

PS – Remember that really great 90s song that went "Where did you go…my lovely?"  That's what I took my title from.  What a great song.  Now it's going to be in my head all day!!!!


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Scientology = weird.

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