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Hell yes we’re in the Age of Profanity!
March 28, 2006, 9:12 pm
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According to an Associated Press poll, 74% of Americans frequently or occasionally encounter profanity in public, and two-thirds believe people swear more than they did 20 years ago.  Over half of those surveyed (64%) said they use the f-word.  The poll also points out that men have dirtier potty mouths than women, and younger people swear more than older people.  

This isn't really a huge surprise.  These days, many magazines don't bother to censor the profanity people choose to use.  (I remember reading an interview with Britney Spears in one woman's mag where she used the f-word; I was so shocked! Britney Jean Spears curses!  Now, when 4-year-olds curse, I'm not even phased.)  Ditto for television.  While the news might be different, dramas, gritty crime shows and South Park hardly censor themselves at all.  Comedy Central even plays the South Park movie uncensored in its after-hours time slot.  The point about younger people vs. older people is accurate; I can vouch for this from my own experience.  My brother's mouth is FILTHY.  Seriously, every other word it's "f-this!" and "f-that!"  If I were his mother, I'd wash his mouth out with soap like they did to Ralphie in A Christmas Story!

Profanity in language is already becoming common place; as one interviewee wisely points out, "gradually people WON'T be shocked. And then those who want to be offensive will find another way."

The poll consisted of 1,001 adults and has a 3% margin of error.

Read more:;_ylt=AjZiPr5VLw2F.q46uOQq2DWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MjBwMWtkBHNlYwM3MTg


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hey– whats going on with you on the job front?

Comment by Jinal Shah

People curse more than they use to?!?

Holy Fiddlesticks!

Comment by Co'Joe

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