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Is H.I.P. actually hip?
March 24, 2006, 4:34 am
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hip1.JPG    hip2.JPG    hip3.JPG    hip4.JPG

Click pics to enlarge. 

I’m really not a fan of L’Oreal’s new “High Intensity Pigments (H.I.P.)” color line.  The colors, which run the gamut from eye shadow to blush and back again, are used to create “harmony” or “disharmony” looks (the website even has handy dandy “tips” on how to perfect each look).  With a name like “disharmony look,” you kind of expect visual vomit, but even the harmony looks are awful!  Congrats, L’Oreal; you’ve succeeded in making some of the most beautiful women alive – including Beyonce and Scarlett Johanssen – look like Ancient Egyptian drag queens.  And ugly ones at that.

I kind of like the look in the last picture though.  I cannot tell a lie. The lips are so pretty! They’re done with a combo of “Moxie” Intensely Moisturizing Lipcolor and “Dreamer” Brilliant Shine Lipgloss.  I could even go for the “Playful” Eyeshadow Duo.   All of these products are by L’Oreal.  They’re available at your local CVS.  And I have a birthday coming up. Hint hint.


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i feel like it would be good stage make up… or costume/halloween type stuff. but every day walkin down the street?


Comment by Jess Ross

Yeah, I think this stuff looks great on (some of these) women in magazines and stuff, but I don’t know anyone who would go around looking like that in real life. I can’t really see this being used past high fashion.

Comment by Jo

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