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Oh Sheer!
March 22, 2006, 5:26 pm
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Dear K. Cav,

kcav2.jpg  kcav1.jpg

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I love you, I really do.  Sure, you were a major biatch on Laguna Beach, but your interviews in Teen People and Seventeen kind of made me think that it was all due to editing and that you really are a sweet girl with a good head on your shoulders. 

Deepening my love for you is your pretty good sense for fashion.  I really like this shirt – the cut is interesting and cute, and it looks good on you.  However, I’d like it even better if it wasn’t sheer.  Honey, I can see straight though that, and I’m pretty sure you walked out of the house knowing you were wearing the equivalent of mosquito netting cause that is in no way subtle.  If people look hard enough, they can see your nips

Honestly, how hard is it to ask your stylist to sew a bit of nude fabric in the breastises section of the shirt in the name of all that is holy and decent?  I know things both holy and decent are missing on the Hollywood scene, but I had bigger hopes for you.


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she’s beautiful, i love her hair…. but obviously her boobs look soooooo saggy and pushed apart in this top, get a bra that adds a little something and not so sheer.

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