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Aniston’s new Vogue shoot has male gymnastics theme.
March 15, 2006, 4:43 pm
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 aniston1.jpg    janiston2.jpg    janiston3.jpg    janiston4.jpg

The photoshoot from Jennifer Aniston’s Vogue cover story appears to be centered around male gymnastics and its equipment, which makes complete sense.  When I did gymnastics, I always wore really expensive designer duds and messed around on the opposite sex’s exercises!

Obviously I’m lying.  I don’t see anything particularly sexy or fashionable about the men’s rings, parallel bars, high bar or men’s gymnastics in general. (Unless we’re talking about Blaine Wilson, cause that dude is hawt.)  I don’t even find Jennifer Aniston particularly attractive in these photos.  The cover pic is completely unflattering, and it would have been nice to see something other than the side of her face/semi-profile thing she’s working on the inside photos (as entertaining as the third “I am cave woman, I throw spear, hear me roar” photo is). But I digress.   

I hate modernist “conceptual” photo shoots.  Bring back Keira Knightley and The Wizard of Oz shoot!  Now that was some beautiful photography.

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