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A Blonde “Lobster”
March 10, 2006, 2:38 pm
Filed under: Animals, Science

lobster.jpgScientists have discovered a new family and genus of crustacean in the South Pacific ocean.

The animal, which resembles a lobster, has pinchers covered in hair-like strands.  It is about the size of a salad plate (5.9 inches) and blind.  Its family was named Kiwaida for the Polyponesian goddess of crustaceans.  Read more here.

I love it when new species are discovered!  This one is particularly cute.  He’s all blonde and pale.  I wonder how long before someone makes a dish out of him…I’m not sure I’d be so keen on getting meat out of those pinchers!  I hate it when there’s hair in my food. 


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they’re toxic! yup, due to the high amounts of bacteria they need to survive near the geothermal vents, no dinner plates for them.

Comment by Julia

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