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LOST Episode Recap: “Maternity Leave”
March 2, 2006, 3:46 pm
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maternity-promo09.jpgWow.  Wow wow wow.

The March 1 episode of Lost, “Maternity Leave,” was hands-down the best episode of Season Two.  It was filled with revelations (which is what so many have felt has been lacking this season), surprises, had an unconventional flashback and even some really sweet moments between Claire (Emilie De Ravin), Danielle Rousseau and baby Aaron.

So what have we found out?  ***Don’t read below this if you haven’t yet watched the episode!

The Others are not what they appear to be.  They may be a research team – which would explain all the talk of the disease and the vaccination.  But why all the disguises?  When we saw “Zeke” in the medical facility, he was without all his facial hair, and their clothes were clean and modern – not the rags we see them wearing in the jungle.  Wigs and costumes and theatrical glue, oh my!  This lends creedence to the theory that some kind of research is being done there, and the survivors of the plane crash are being observed as part of an experiment on behavior (let’s not forget the B.F. Skinner references on the Hanso Foundation website).  Additionally, maybe the Others are only vaccinating the “good” people?

Rousseau isn’t (that) crazy!  There is some kind of illness that destroyed her team.  A friend of mine believes that Rousseau may have had her daughter, Alex, “cut out of her” much like what they were planning to do to Claire.  Also, Alex is alive and well and apparently isn’t buying into the other’s bull – she helped Claire escape from them!

The medical hatch was abandoned – but why?  Another one of my (brilliant) friends believes the medical hatch – along with the costumes – was abandoned because in the last episode, the timer almost ran out.  Maybe something bad does happen after all…

Henry Gale is manipulative!  He’s playing Locke against Jack masterfully, and the shiz is gonna hit the fan.  Some fans believe – and I thought this too – that the “he” Zeke was referring to (“he’ll be mad when he founds out you took her before making the list”) was Mr. Gale.  It would also explain why he didn’t look as raggedy as the survivors looked, especially if he had been there for four months!  And does anyone else find it fishy that he didn’t hear the plane crash or, if he did, why wouldn’t he investigate?  Plus, Eko went and apologized to him for bashing in the heads of the two Others who attempted to take him.  I know he said it was because he “had to tell someone,” but we all know Eko knows and sees more than he lets on.  (Someone on the E! Online Message Boards thought that Eko cutting off the two little parts of his beard – which I assumed symbolized the lives he had taken, although I’ll have to look to see if he had them when we first met him – was actually to show him that his facial hair was real…and not glued on. Hmm.)

Another fan has mentioned that the reason the Others don’t leave tracks is because there has to be an underground tunnel system on the island.  I agree!  It makes perfect sense, because no one, unless they have otherworldly powers, doesn’t leave a trail.  And from what we saw last night, the Others are human. 

I just love this show…and I can’t believe we have to wait a month to see the next episode! Ahh!

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We are brilliant. you know it! 🙂

Comment by Jess Ross

Sorry to hear you’re done with Erinland, but this site is still good

and LOST really turned it around for me the past two weeks…the little 2-bit with “Captian Zeke” blew my mind!

Comment by CoJoe

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