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American Idol ousts four
February 24, 2006, 4:31 pm
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D   U   N   Z   O

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American Idol hopefuls Stevie Scott, Becky O’Donahue, Patrick Hall and Bobby Bennett were eliminated last night, whittling the contestants down from 24 to 20.

Although I did tune in rather faithfully to the first and second seasons, I don’t really watch American Idol anymore.  I always watch the auditions, most of which are like a car wreck so terrible you want to look away, but are unable to.  They make me want to attack my own eardrums with an ice pick, but I suppose that’s part of the appeal.

I was kind of disappointed with the talent selected for this season.  Granted, having been vocally trained for eight years, I can be highly critical. (It’s no secret why Simon Cowell is my favorite part of the show.  Except I’d make his criticisms look like children’s books about candy and butterflies.)  Still, I felt that most of the final 24 sounded ridiculously similar (I’m so sick of everyone trying to be an R&B singer and riffing the crap out of things when a) they can’t riff to save their lives or b) the song just doesn’t call for it) and the judges just threw in a mediocre Dean Martin impersonator and an unwashed country singer for variety.  And speaking of the Dean Martin impersonator, didn’t they try that a couple of seasons ago with the red-headed Frank Sinatra lover?  As I recall, everything he sang sounded like a bad rat-pack record, he always wore a damn fedora and snapped his fingers like a doo-wop singer, and it didn’t end well.

Sadly, I’m kind of disappointed about Stevie Scott.  I didn’t watch whatever song she sang that got her eliminated, but I felt that her voice was unique and she had true potential.  And as for Becky O’Donahue…I guess the Maxim thing doesn’t really matter anymore (seems a bit coincidental, no?).

I probably won’t write about American Idol again because I’ve exhausted my knowledge of this season.  Except for that hot guy Ace.  Yeah…he’s hot.


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